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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Village of Chamonix, France

The other day, while taking a break from working out in the yard, I decided to do a little organizing of my photo library.  As I was browsing through sets of pictures, I came across a few shots from Chamonix, France, the bestest little village in the whole Alps, and I felt inspired.  It happens from time to time.

It's been pretty tough to work on my photography or art since moving to Alaska this past January.  Because of my bad back and other conditions, I'm just not set up well to work for long stretches on a computer.  I've started many projects, but haven't finished any of them because it's simply too painful to sit for long periods, even in my special zero gravity chair.  It can be a real inspiration and mood killer.

Perhaps the key is to learn how to work differently now.  I've had to re-learn a lot about living life with a broken body recently, but I guess I haven't made the transition in how I approach computer work.  I've always liked to sit down and put in long, long stretches, seeing a project through from beginning to end, seizing upon that initial burst of inspiration.  Now, I'm going to have to learn how to adapt to a "short burst" philosophy, I suppose, putting in time only when I feel up to it.  I just need to be able to conjure up that inspiration when needed.  This will be the tough part.

Whatever the approach, it seems that I was able to hang on to whatever inspired me for a few days to create the posters below.  And it was fun for the most part.  When I started to really hurt and the pain made things frustrating and I could feel my mood back-sliding into the dark abyss directly behind me  (it's easy to imagine when you spend so much time reclined in a zero gravity chair), I put a movie on or read or got up and did something that didn't hurt as much.  

And now, due to wrist and hand cramps and pain and the electric shocks zipping down the nerves from my neck to my shoulders to my forearms and into my fingers, I'll wrap this up.

Hoping to do some more work soon.  I'm thinking Rome or Paris next.  Or Amsterdam.  Or Alaska even, perhaps. Okay.  Ouch.  Thanks and Bye!

I'll have these images linked to Zazzle when the products are posted.

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