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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brugge, Belgium

A new poster that I worked on during the twins' nap time.  I think this ended up taking two weeks to finally finish!  As the girls have gotten older, their naps have become shorter, not leaving much time to work on any new pieces.  I have plenty of ideas jotted down, but probably won't be able to start on anything for a few months.  The twins do indeed take up that much time!  But, it's been great, and so much fun watching them grow and develop!

Ah, Brugge.  What a city.  We were just near Brugge two weeks ago visiting the city of Ghent. Another incredibly beautiful city with some amazing historic medieval architecture.  I love the cities in Belgium I have visited and hope to be able to spend more time in them in the future.  I will be working on some pieces for Ghent, Bastogne, and Brussels within the next six months along with some new pieces for new locations in Holland.  If you are ever in Europe and get the chance, make sure to spend a few days in the Benelux area.  I don't think it gets enough credit when compared to some of the heavyweight countries in Europe such as Italy and France.  The architecture is unique and beautiful, the area abounds with ancient and more recent history, the people are educated, welcoming and friendly, the food is great, and - don't tell the Germans or the Czechs - Belgium's beer is the best in the world! What's not to love?

Below:  The Family in Ghent, Belgium

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