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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diamond Lake, Oregon

With my wife's parents visiting the past two weeks, I've found myself with a little bit of spare time.  Not much, but enough to put the below poster together during the time they've been here.  I have the picture this poster is based off of hanging above my bed amongst a number of other winter and outdoor themed photos.  This one always stood out to me, however.  The original photo is from a quick stop I made at Diamond Lake in December 2006 while on the way to Sunriver in Central Oregon.  My love for snow and winter activities were heavily influenced, if not completely formed, by trips we would take to Diamond Lake when I was a kid.  I cherished these trips to the mountains, having the opportunity to play outside all day in the glorious white snow.   Even though it's now spring, and the sun is shining, it was fun working on this one and thinking back to those trips and those times.

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