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Monday, January 16, 2012


No, not the Norse hall of the dead, but the German Walhalla Temple, located near Regensburg, Germany and perched high above the Danube River.  This Walhalla, created by the loveably nutty Bavarian King Ludwig, is a hall-of-fame celebrating distinguished and famous Germanic people and personalities throughout history.  This was our first time visiting this memorial as it had never piqued my interest enough for a stop while in the Regensburg area or on trips to Passau and places beyond.  I wish now that I would have made the easy detour from A3 to spend 30 minutes scouting this location.  Or had just driven the 10 minutes up the street from our friend's apartment in Regensburg...... The view from the south-facing platform surrounding the temple was easily worth the price of admission (which is free, by the way).  A short hike from the parking lot affords the photographer with an array of unique angles and scenes to shoot.  Even the harsh light of midday provided good opportunities for fun shots.  The unobstructed view over the Danube River Valley makes this a great place for shooting at sunrise, sunset, and during most astronomical events.  I look forward to exploring this site more fully in the future.  Just the little time we spent up there yesterday put my back out of shape and had me knackered, but I'm glad we went.


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